A downloadable game for Windows

World just as ours, although elusively surreal; with an ethereal, omnipotent power floating just beyond the senses.

Add Kafka and Lynch into the mix with Southern Gothic.


This is a Playtest we had. Demo of the demo, if you will. It has bugs and placeholder animation. This little piece we used to test out how the mood and pacing works.
Known issues include first audio not triggering, weird clipping in couple places, dialogue advancement triggering too soon. Unfortunately this build is now taken apart in order to build up new systems, thus will not be updated. But we will be happy to hear any feedback you might have :]

A Bit Of Lore

The world is painted in greyish tones of Southern Gothic landscapes. The resulting mood has the sense of  an unexplained elusive presence.             Our Hero falls asleep on the train and finds himself at an unknown train station. The story about finding a place to sleep until the morning steadily spins into a night of kafkaesque characters with their own agendas; mundane yet absurd world; bigger than life god-like entities; irrevertible dream sequences that impact reality; a world which is governed by seemingly familiar, but yet vaguely unsettling rules.

When The Proper Demo Is Out?

Sadly, funding for the Demo fell through, so previously announced publishing date had to be cancelled. I keep looking for it, but am very caucious about dates (finally).

While we're searching for funding, do join our DISCORD !!!
...and visit our webpage.
...oh, and Twitter.

Install instructions

It's a ZIP file. Double-click it and move the files to a desired destination. Start the game by launching the executable file.


GRUNND.rar 56 MB


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This will be a nice game. Sorry to hear about the demo being on hold.

We had fun playing. 

Here is a short video we made:

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


hah. I am dev and I don't have such recording! And, yes - that bug of first Narrator text not triggering - you got this :)

Intriguing description and visual style. Sorry to read about the demo being on hold. Are you considering crowdfunding? 

And, no, I do not. Apart of being part of my nightmares, I just don't see the possibility to get such a huge following to make it happen. Don't want to make a campaign and just "hope for the best" :)