Update 1.0.87

With this update game's performance and your experience should be better.

Released UPDATE 1.0.85
- adressed Tutorial text formatting to show special characters properly;
- adressed the issue Character Names not showing in French edition properly;
- Hints translated;
- fixed PauseMenu load issue withing Dream Sequence [it should not load];
- Hero turns correctly upon loading into Second Hub [Farm one];
- now PauseMenu can be triggered by Escape key as well ;);
- random nibblets.

Update in the works
- looking into making so you can keep the RMB pressed for continuous walking.

Known Issues
- AVG Antivirus is throwing false positive on game's executable. It's a known issue for a lot of games [apparently] - just define the .exe as exception withing AVG. Nothing we can do here.

Have a nice holidays! [sounds weird during pandemic...]



GRUNND_Demo_v1.0.87.7z 544 MB
Dec 28, 2020

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