Along with the latest update GRUNND gets Polish localization as well!

We started with English and Japanese. Then French came along! Now our latest edition - with Polish localization! German in the works!

Also in the latest 1.0.9 update:
- addressed repeatable Narrator lines in the Farm;
- extra visual tweak on the background, that won't really be very visible, but should make it a tad more livelier.

Update in the works
- looking into making so you can keep the RMB pressed for continuous walking;
- German localization.

Known Issues
- AVG Antivirus is throwing false positive on game's executable. It's a known issue for a lot of games [apparently] - just define the .exe as exception withing AVG. Nothing we can do here.



GRUNND_Demo_v1.0.9.7z 544 MB
Jan 08, 2021

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